Worker Compensation Dashboards

Workers’ compensation claim counts and rates, 2007-2017 [XLS – 10 MB]
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U.S. States Workers’ Comp Program Basics

Required Employer Reporting of Injuries, Illnesses and Deaths to State Workers’ Compensation Bureaus
╫ Medical Treatment Beyond 1st Aid Reported: If this is marked in the affirmative, employers are required to report all claims that result in medical treatment beyond first aid to the workers’ compensation bureau. (In SC, all claims with >$500 in medical expenses must be reported.)1,2(Chart XII, see caveats on p 106 –109).

**Indemnity Only (Min. No. Days): Employers are required to report all claims for occupational injuries and illnesses for workers missing work for a period of time in excess of these values.  All deaths due to occupational injuries or illnesses must also be reported.1,2(Chart XII, see caveats on p 106 –109).

Income Benefit

*Waiting Period for Income Benefits (Days): The minimum number of days away from work to qualify for income benefits (also known as indemnity payments) in each state.1,2(Chart IX, see caveats pp. 76 – 83).

°Retroactive Period (Days): If the injured worker is away from work for a number of days in excess of the retroactive period, the worker qualifies for income benefits (indemnity payments) for the waiting period.1,2(Chart IX, see caveats pp. 76 – 83 in reference).

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  • 2015 Chamber of Commerce Workers’ Compensation Laws

Other Dashboards

The following dashboards showcase worker’s compensation and related data.