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Pandemic Planning for Healthcare Settings

Pandemics happen when new viruses emerge which can infect people easily and spread from person to person in an efficient and sustained way. Pandemics can place extraordinary demands on public health and health care systems as well as on essential community services. Healthcare providers and hospitals may be overwhelmed, and there may not be enough medical supplies to meet demand. This webpage shares resources to help reduce the impacts to healthcare during an infectious disease outbreak or pandemic. It includes ways to prolong existing supplies while still offering the most protection available to workers.

Conserving Supplies of Personal Protective Equipment in Healthcare Facilities during Shortages

This resource shares strategies or options to conserve supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) in healthcare settings when there is limited supply. Shortages can happen due to increased use and demand, or supply chain disruption.

Personal Protective Equipment Use Tracking Tools

These tools can help healthcare facilities plan and optimize the use of PPE. Non-healthcare facilities, such as correctional facilities, may also find these tools useful.

Ventilated Headboards

During a pandemic, the demand for airborne infection isolation rooms may exceed their availability. This webpage provides information about ventilated headboards, a solution that isolates patients while protecting healthcare personnel from airborne infectious diseases.

Expedient Patient Isolation Rooms

This webpage provides guidance for using portable high-efficiency particulate air filtration systems to create expedient patient isolation rooms.

Safe and Proper Sharps Disposal During a Mass Vaccination Campaign

This webpage shares disposal strategies to help protect workers from needlestick injuries while administering vaccines or while helping at vaccination sites.

Strategies for Sharps Disposal Container Use During Supply Shortages

During a pandemic, there may be a shortage in the supply of Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared sharps disposal containers. This webpage shares strategies to help conserve FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers. It also discusses alternative options for when FDA-cleared sharps disposal containers are scarce.