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NIOSH Strategic Plan Outline 2010-2015


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Delivering on the nation’s promise—safety and health at work for all people through research and prevention.


To provide national and world leadership to prevent work-related illnesses and injuries.


Relevance—Our programs are responsive to the occupational safety and health problems found in today’s workplaces and the workplaces of tomorrow.

Diversity—Our employees reflect the full spectrum of diversity found in the American workforce and our research and interventions reflect the diversity of solutions needed for the American workplace.

Quality—We utilize only the best science, the highest level of data quality, and the most transparent and independent peer review.

Partnership—We accomplish our mission in partnership with industry, workers, governments and scientific and professional communities, both nationally and internationally.

Access—Our customers can obtain all NIOSH products and services through expanded traditional and electronic access.

Performance—Our programs are results-oriented.

Accountability—Our programs are evaluated by how well they solve the occupational safety and health problems found in today’s workplaces and the workplaces of tomorrow.

Strategic Goals and Objectives

Goal 1: Conduct research to reduce work-related illnesses and injuries.

  • Track work-related hazards, exposures, illnesses and injuries for prevention.
  • Generate new knowledge through intramural and extramural research programs.
  • Develop innovative solutions for difficult-to-solve problems in high-risk industrial sectors.

Goal 2: Promote safe and healthy workplaces through interventions, recommendations and capacity building.

  • Enhance the relevance and utility of recommendations and guidance.
  • Transfer research findings, technologies and information into practice.
  • Build capacity to address traditional and emerging hazards.

Goal 3: Enhance international workplace safety and health through global collaborations.

  • Take a leadership role in developing a global network of occupational health centers.
  • Investigate alternative approaches to workplace illness and injury reduction and provide technical assistance to put solutions in place.
  • Build global professional capacity to address workplace hazards through training, information sharing and research experience.

See the NIOSH Program Portfolio for specific goals for the NIOSH Sector and Cross-Sector Programs.