NIOSH Research and Demonstration Grants. Annual Report, Fiscal Year 1994

May 1995
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 95-112
95-112 Cover

This report detailed the topics investigated currently under the grants program of NIOSH and was designed to facilitate the reader’s understanding of the types of extramural research projects supported under the primary areas of interest to NIOSH as they relate to occupational disease and injuries. Specific areas of concern included identification and characterization of hazards, development of environmental exposure measurement tools, investigation of adverse effects (including animal experiments, cellular experiments, epidemiological and related studies, human laboratory studies, and other laboratory studies), discovery of biological exposure and response markers, development of control approaches and interventions, and the assessment of effectiveness of controls and interventions. For each grant, information was provided about the grant, with a description of the project, and a list of any publications resulting from the grant.