NIOSH Occupational Disease, Injury and Hazard Surveillance Activities FY91

February 1993
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 93-112
93-112 Cover

This report described NIOSH efforts to lessen the problems of occupational disease among workers. The report consolidated in a single document, descriptions of all NIOSH surveillance activities, along with reprints of publications resulting from those activities for Fiscal Year 1991. The report also serves as the first step in the systematic assessment of current NIOSH surveillance efforts. Some gaps which have been identified by gathering all this information include the need to comprehensively utilize existing data and collect additional data in order to create truly national surveillance systems. The need for coordination and collaboration among federal and state agencies conducting occupational health surveillance or possessing data useful for such surveillance, and the need for periodic evaluation of surveillance activities were considered. Specific areas of information discussed in this report included occupational lung disease research, research on occupational traumatic injuries, assessment of the effectiveness of OSHA’s lead (7439921) standard and surveillance programs for lead exposure, occupational psychological disorder surveillance, surveillance in the construction trades, gaining access to various databases, methods of surveillance, and surveillance related activities.

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