NIOSH Research and Demonstration Grants. Fiscal Year 1990

April 1991
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 91-106
91-106 Cover

This report was designed to stimulate submission of proposals for research of high quality on significant problems of occupational safety and health. The report contained information on studies currently underway or recently completed in this field. The topics of concern included occupational lung diseases (epithelial surface proteins, environmental toxicity of isocyanates, chemical poisoning, influence of particles on lung disease); musculoskeletal injuries (model studies, ergonomics, quantitative measures of skeletal movements, biomechanics, carpal tunnel syndrome, vibration effects); occupational cancers; traumatic injuries; cardiovascular diseases; disorders of reproduction; neurotoxic disorders; noise induced hearing loss; dermatologic conditions; psychological disorders; control techniques; respirator research; and other occupational needs.