Performing Motor and Sensory Neuronal Conduction Studies in Adult Humans

September 1990
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 90-113
90-113 Cover

Guidelines were provided for the performance of routine nerve conduction studies of selected peripheral nerves in adult humans. This manual was the result of three working group meetings. Participants in the working groups included neurophysiologists, therapists, physicians, and allied health professionals recognized for their expertise in electrophysiologic assessment of neuromuscular disorders. The guidelines were meant to serve as a starting point for electrophysiologic assessment procedures for evaluating common motor and sensory neuronal conduction disorders encountered in the workplace. These procedures were intended to be used to objectively assess the motor and sensory neuronal conduction status of adult workers subjected to cumulative trauma, toxic substances or other factors that could cause acute or chronic neuromuscular disorders. Assessment of unusual and unique problems may require sound, creative modification of the standard procedures.

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