National Institute For Occupational Safety and Health, Projects For FY 1990

May 1990
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 90-106
90-106 Cover

During 1990 several new programs in agriculture and construction have been introduced into NIOSH’s research agenda. Specific attention has been given to the area of agricultural safety and health, recognizing the fact that farmers and their families experience a disproportionate share of injuries and diseases. An 11 million dollar appropriation was received from Congress directly for use in this activity. Construction workers constitute only about 5.2% of the workers in the United States and yet they account for the second highest number of work related traumatic injury related fatalities. A 1 million dollar appropriation was received from Congress for research in this area. Other targets of ongoing research include occupational lung diseases, musculoskeletal injuries, occupational cancers, severe occupational traumatic injuries, occupational cardiovascular diseases, disorders of reproduction, neurotoxic disorders, noise induced hearing loss, dermatological conditions, and psychological disorders.

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