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Hazard Assessment of the Electronic Component Manufacturing Industry

February 1985
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 85-100
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The NIOSH hazard assessment of the electronic component manufacturing industry (SIC-3671, SIC-3672, SIC-3673, SIC-3674, SIC- 3675, SIC-3676) is presented. The hazard assessment is based on meetings between representatives of industry, labor, and government, literature searches, and industrial hygiene walk through surveys. Information in the published literature specifically related to the occupational health environment in the electronic component manufacturing industry is reviewed. Approximately 179,400 workers were employed as of July, 1981 in the United States at facilities that manufacture electronic components and accessories. The largest group, 95,500 workers, was involved in manufacturing discrete semiconductor components and integrated circuits. The smallest group, 26,900 workers, was involved in manufacturing electron tubes. Walk through surveys were conducted at 15 manufacturing facilities. The number of workers employed at these facilities ranged from 100 or less to 1,000 to 2,000. The workers were unionized at five of the facilities. Only one facility did not have an industrial hygienist or have access to one. All but three facilities had a local physician on call or used a local clinic or hospital for medical services. Thirteen of the facilities had safety committees. The number of lost time accidents ranged from 1 to 173. The recorded accident frequency rate ranged from 0.10 to 26.7 and the recorded severity rate from 1.13 to 168.45. The authors conclude that most chemical and physical hazards at the surveyed facilities have been controlled. Efforts should be concentrated on developing a more comprehensive data base on the chemical and physical agents and ergonomic stresses encountered in the industry.