NIOSH Special Occupational Hazard Review: DDT

September 1978
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 78-200

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Table of Contents

Content Document
Preface 78-200A.PDF (10 pages, 261K)Cdc-pdf
Summary and Recommendations
1. Extent of Exposure 78-200B.PDF (58 pages, 1,366K)Cdc-pdf
2. Toxic Effects in Animals 78-200C.PDF (58 pages, 1,906K)Cdc-pdf
3. Human Effects 78-200D.PDF (21 pages, 683K)Cdc-pdf
4. Correlation of Exposure and Effect 78-200E.PDF (43 pages, 1,174K)Cdc-pdf
5. References 78-200F.PDF (26 pages, 1,168K)Cdc-pdf

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