Criteria for a Recommended Standard: Occupational Exposure to Malathion

June 1976
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 76-205

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Table of Contents

Content Document
Contents 76-205A.PDF (27 pages, 1,290K)Cdc-pdf
NIOSH Review Committee
NIOSH Review Consultants
I. Recommendations for a Malathion Standard
II. Introduction
III. Biologic Effects of Exposure 76-205B.PDF (68 pages, 2,639K)Cdc-pdf
IV. Environmental Data and Biologic Evaluation 76-205C.PDF (23 pages, 908K)Cdc-pdf
V. Development of Standard
VI. Work Practices 76-205D.PDF (26 pages, 1,043K)Cdc-pdf
VII. Research Needs
VIII. References
IX. Appendix I – Method for Sampling Malathion in Air
X. Appendix II – Analytical Method for Malathion 76-205E.PDF (29 pages, 800K)Cdc-pdf
XI. Appendix III – Notes on the Diagnosis and Medical Management of Organophosphorus Intoxication
XII. Appendix IV – Method of Sampling and Analysis for Biochemical Determination of Cholinesterase Activity
XIII. Appendix V – Material Safety Data Sheet
XIV. Appendix VI – Clinical Classes of Malathion Poisoning 76-205F.PDF (22 pages, 428K)Cdc-pdf
XV. Tables and Figures

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