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Use of Aftermarket Replacement Component Parts for NIOSH-Approved Respirators


February 2016
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2016-107
Cover page for publication 2016-107

Worker safety can be compromised by using replacement component parts or accessories that are not NIOSH-approved for the specific respirator. Although NIOSH-approved respirators are comprised of various component parts, they are approved as a complete unit. The use of components which are not part of the approved assembly results in a respirator that has not been evaluated and certified by NIOSH. This applies not only to parts supplied by other vendors, but also to those supplied by the original equipment manufacturer, if the component parts have not been evaluated by NIOSH as part of the respirator. Unevaluated respirator assemblies may not function at the expected level of protection, putting the worker at risk for exposure to airborne hazards. Manufacturers’ quality systems confirm replacement components for use, fit and function, and ensure reliability and repeatable performance.