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Health and Safety of Young Workers: Proceedings of a U.S. and Canadian Series of Symposia


May 2013
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2013-144
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Research on the impacts of youth work is conducted in multiple disciplines, with little interaction between them. These include the fields of business, law, psychology, public health, sociology, and youth development. NIOSH co-funded, with the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, a project that convened a unique series of symposia between 2007 and 2010 that brought together scholars from multiple disciplines, practitioners and business representatives from the U.S. and Canada to consider the implications of youth employment, and to make recommendations for moving forward, considering the complex relationships of work with other components of youth development. These Proceedings compile white papers (or subsequently published articles) that were developed to foster discussions at this series of symposia, along with an ambitious research and policy agenda that was spawned from these interdisciplinary discussions. White papers and articles were authored by business scholars, epidemiologists, health communicators, physicians, psychologists, and sociologists.