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Got Everything Covered?


January 2008
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2008-109
Worker wearing face mask, protective suit and gloves.

This poster provides helpful tips on protecting workers from the hazards of isocyanate exposure during spray-on truck bedliner applications.

Keep yourself working safe by reading these helpful tips each day

before spraying………..
  • To protect my lungs, wear a full-face supplied-air respirator
  • To help me see and to keep mask clean, use a peel-off shield
  • To protect my skin, wear a full-bodied suit and chemical-resistant gloves
  • To keep the ventilation system operating at its best, make sure the filters are clean
after spraying…………..
  • Remember to wash my hands and face before eating and drinking
  • If I experience symptoms, such as shortness of breath or skin irritation, tell my supervisor and my doctor

Got Everything Covered? [PDF – 2.5 MB]