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Safety Checklist Program for Schools

October 2003
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2004-101
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Includes background information and an overview of the contents of the Program.

Chapter 1: Making Sense of Regulations
Presents an explanation of the Federal regulatory agencies and regulations.

Chapter 2: How to Establish an Effective Occupational Safety and Health and Environmental Safety Program
Includes practical steps for establishing a safety program in the school.

Chapter 3: Implementing a Checklist Program
Includes practical steps for the administrator and safety coordinator to take when using the checklists and implementing a safety checklist program.

Chapter 4: Safety Checklists and Indices
Includes an alphabetical listing of safety checklists and three indexes:

  • Alphabetical Listing of Safety Checklists
    Career-Technical Programs Index
    Hazard Index
    Occupations Index


Additional Resources
Contains numerous links to publications, databases and other resources to aid in establishing a safety and health program.