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Worker Health Chartbook, 2000 – Focus on Mining


Revised May, 2002
DHHS (NIOSH) Publication Number 2002-121
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May 2002 Revision, PDF Digest Version

Worker Health Chartbook, 2000 presents national and state occupational health data and statistics, graphically describing the burden of our Nation’s occupational injuries and illnesses. More than 40 scientists from federal and state agencies collaborated to present health surveillance information in the Chartbook’s 172 charts and data tables. The Chartbook has a descriptive focus, presenting data and charts that characterize types of injuries and illnesses by gender, race, industry, and occupation. The Chartbook also provides comprehensive reference materials, including appendices describing the 18 surveillance and statistical systems, and the industry and occupation classification systems.

Worker Health Chartbook, 2000 – Focus on Mining [PDF – 1,360 KB]