Strategic Plan: FYs 2019−2023 Service Goals

Service activities contribute to the NIOSH mission by providing a service to individuals and organizations outside of NIOSH, support internally to NIOSH staff, or a combination of the two. Some services are mandated by law. Services can support a single sector or cross-sector (e.g. the Coal Workers’ Health Surveillance Program benefits the mining sector), while others are crosscutting (e.g. FACE investigates fatalities in a wide range of industries with a variety of causes). NIOSH provides the following service work:

  • Respirator approvals
  • Health Hazard Evaluations (HHE)
  • Radiation dose reconstruction
  • Emergency preparedness and response activities, except Disaster Science Responder Research (DSRR) activities
  • Global collaborations
  • Coal Workers’ Health Surveillance Program activities
  • B-Reader certification
  • Spirometry
  • MINER Act activities
  • Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) activities
  • Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention (FFFIP) activities
  • Injury and illness surveillance (but not surveillance research)
  • Information and dissemination activities, including the NIOSH website and NIOSHTIC-2 publications database
Service Intermediate Goals

Intermediate goals identify improvements and maintenance of service activities that allow organizations or individuals to take action more easily or quickly. In some cases, NIOSH’s stakeholders are able to take direct action to improve occupational safety and health, such as the employers who receive HHE reports. In other instances, service is less direct. For example, the NIOSH web team might provide support to NIOSH staff, who are then able to post new information online that will help external stakeholders take action.
Intermediate goals can support more than one strategic goal. Focused service activities may flow from only one strategic goal, but others might support a broad range of occupational safety and health activities and flow from several strategic goals, or even all seven.

Service Activity Goals

Activity goals are statements of activities that improve or maintain the timeliness, relevance, and quality of services. If improvements are not possible, programs establish goals around maintaining high quality service functions.

Page last reviewed: February 5, 2018