NHANES National Youth Fitness Survey


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Questionnaires were administered to NNYFS participants both at home and in the mobile examination center (MEC). The questionnaires can be viewed using Adobe Acrobat reader

Screener Module

Screener Module [PDF – 133 KB] – This is administered on the doorstep. This set of questions determines if anyone in the household is eligible to be in the sample.

Family Questionnaire

Sample Person Questionnaire

MEC CASI and CAPI Questionnaires

Computer assisted personal self interview (CASI) and computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) questionnaires are administered in the MEC. During the visit to the examination center additional questions are administered that cover more sensitive areas such as reproductive health and illegal drug use. The sections are labeled to reflect content.

Computer Assisted Personal Self Interview (CASI) Questionnaire

Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) Questionnaire