The Barell Injury Diagnosis Matrix, Classification by Body Region and Nature of the Injury

This injury diagnosis matrix is a product of the International Collaborative Effort (ICE) on Injury Statistics. Guiding its development was the work of the late Vita Barell, of the Health Services Research Department in the Gertner Institute, Tel Hashomer, Israel and Ellen MacKenzie of the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy. The matrix is based on ICD-9-CM coded data and not on data directly obtained from patients. Future plans include a version of the matrix based on 3-digit ICD-9-CM codes that can be used for multiple cause of death analyses (when detailed 5-digit codes are often not available). In addition, once ICD-10-CM is adopted for use, the matrix will be ‘translated’ into those appropriate codes. A complete discussion of the matrix including guidelines for use and data analysis was published in the journal Injury Prevention (June 2002).

Excluded from the matrix are ICD-9-CM codes for adverse effects and complications of care. There is disagreement within the “Injury Community” as to whether these should be included. For the time being, they are excluded. This can certainly be reconsidered in future versions of the matrix.

For specific questions or suggestions regarding this version of the matrix, you may contact:

  • Lois A. Fingerhut (United States) or
  • Limor Aharonson-Daniel (Israel) or
  • Ellen MacKenzie (United States) or
  • Megan Davies (United States)