Changes to the Matrix for May 2002 Update

Traumatic Brain Injury

This version of the matrix identifies three types of traumatic brain injury (TBI) based on ICD-9-CM codes for purposes of classification. Head injuries are labeled as Type 1 TBI if there are codes for an intracranial injury or a moderate or a prolonged loss of consciousness (LOC), Shaken Infant Syndrome (SIS), or injuries to the optic nerve pathways. In previous versions of the matrix, SIS was included in the row for System Wide Conditions. Type 2 TBI includes coded head injuries with no intracranial injury coded, and LOC of less than 1 hour coded, or LOC of unknown duration coded, or unspecified level of consciousness coded. Type 3 TBI includes patients with no intracranial injury coded and no LOC coded.

This development is the result of a consensus reached among the Israeli Trauma Registry team, the CDC/NCIPC TBI team, and the ICE on International Statistics.

See the revised SAS codes statements for these new classifications.