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Health, United States, 2016 - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Health, United States?

Health, United States, 2016 is the 40th annual report on the health status of the Nation and is submitted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services to the President and Congress. It contains detailed tables and figures organized around four major areas: health status and its determinants, health care utilization, health care resources, and health care expenditures and payers.

What is the special emphasis of Health, United States?

Health, United States focuses primarily on trends over time in health statistics. Comparable data must be available for at least two points in time and available at the national level. In addition to national level data, data are commonly shown by age group, sex, racial and ethnic group, geography, poverty status, and education level, whenever possible.

Why should I look to Health, United States for the answers to my health questions?

Due to the encyclopedic nature of Health, United States, it is a valuable resource for a wide array of health statistics. In addition to presenting key findings from the major data systems of the National Center for Health Statistics, Health, United States presents many unique data analyses not published elsewhere. Health, United States also contains relevant health data from other Federal agencies, and private and global sources.

What are the major components of Health, United States?

Health, United States, 2016 has two major components: A Chartbook that illustrates with text and figures major trends in health and 114 detailed trend tables. The two major components are supplemented by an at a glance table, highlights, and an index. The appendixes contain detailed source information, as well as explanations of methods and definitions of terms.

What topics are covered in the chartbook?

Health, United States, 2016 chartbook has as 27 charts and text organized around four Congressionally-mandated topics: health status and determinants, health care utilization, health care resources, and health care expenditures. This year’s chartbook focuses on long-term trends in those four areas.

What topics are covered in the trend tables?

Health, United States, 2016 has 114 detailed trend tables including data on such topics as population numbers by race and Hispanic origin, fertility, natality, mortality, disease prevalence, risk factors, use of ambulatory and inpatient care, health care personnel and facilities, national and state health expenditures, and health insurance coverage.

What information is on the Health, United States web site that is not in the printed book?

The website includes several additions to the printed book, including:

  • Additional years of data for selected tables in the Excel spreadsheet files
  • Groupings of tables and charts by subject areas
  • Chartbook figures in PowerPoint format
  • Excel spreadsheets with standard errors
  • Adobe PDF files
  • Infographics