Data Detectives Summer Camp 2019

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3311 Toledo Road, Hyattsville, MD | | 301-765-4801

Parent Reminders

We are nut and
chocolate free zone!

Campers should bring
water, lunch and 2 snacks daily.

Remember your child's
4-digit code for pick up.


Drop off is 8:30 - 9:00 am
Pick Up is 4:00 - 4:30 pm
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Whole Lotta Graphin’ Goin’ On!

What's going on?

Today, our campers started the morning by exploring the concept of correlation, investigating methods of of displaying relationships (e.g., ice cream sales vs. temperature) using scatter and fitted plots. Teams worked competitively to match the most variable pairings with the appropriate scatterplot indicating positive, negative, or no correlation. For the second session of the day, campers developed relative frequency tables, calculating the percentage of vegetarians and non-vegetarians given a common food preference (e.g. bread, meat). In our afternoon activities, campers had gym time with Tyler Colomb, a Heath and Fitness Coordinator at CDC Lifestyle Fitness Centers, learned how to make Origami with Leah Chiappa, a rising 6th grader and learned how to present data via public speaking from Dr. Renee Gindi a Statistician who is also a Toastmasters Member.

Today's Highlights

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What's Up Tomorrow?

What's up tomorrow?

We'll explore probability and incorporate everything we've learned over the last 3 days to solve a crime and create a restaurant menu.

Meet Our Data Detectives

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Conducted by: The National Center for Health Statistics, Camp Director, Dr. Ryne Paulose

In partnership with:

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CDC Museum Disease Detective Camp
The Joint Program in Survey Methodology
University of Maryland School of Public Health
American Statistical Association
Bureau of Justice Statistics