Data Detectives Summer Camp 2019

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3311 Toledo Road, Hyattsville, MD | | 301-765-4801

Parent Reminders

We are nut and
chocolate free zone!
Nut Free

No lunch needed.
Still send water bottles and snacks.

Pizza and ice cream will be provided.
But please send lunch and dessert if
your child cannot eat this.

Campers are asked to wear their camp t-shirts tomorrow.

Remember your child's
4-digit code for pick up.


Drop off is 8:30 - 9:00 am
Pick Up is 4:00 - 4:30 pm
Pick Up

Whole Lotta Presentin' Goin' On!

Data Detectives are on the case

Today campers concluded an awesome week of camp. They used the statistical concepts and tools they learned throughout the week to create and present their team posters to the fellow campers and judges. Congratulations to all our campers for an awesome job. Special recognition to our award winners:

Stats Master - Nick and Lazarus (Texas)
Best Delivery - Johara and Tovel (California)
Best Stat Visual - Gabi, Gaby and Ebun (Ohio)
Overall Winner - Johara and Tovel (California)

Campers concluded the day with a pizza party, a visit from Bemnet Faris and Kirian Villata of the UMD School of Public Health and an ice cream social. Charles Rothwell, former Director of the National Center for Heath Statistics, presented the campers their camp certificates and then campers signed each other's t-shirts.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and have an awesome school year!

Today's Highlights

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Award 1

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