Survey Instruments

Note: In addition to NAMCS and NHAMCS data released on public use micro-data files, results from the survey supplements listed below may also be available in the NCHS Research Data Center (RDC). For example, data from the NAMCS Electronic Medical Record Supplement (2008-2011), the National Electronic Health Records Survey (2012-2017, formerly NAMCS Electronic Medical Records Supplement), and the 2008 NHAMCS Pandemic and Emergency Response Preparedness Supplement, are now available for use in the RDC. Please refer to NAMCS and NHAMCS Restricted Data Available at the NCHS Research Data Center  [PDF – 53 KB] for more information, visit the RDC website or contact the Ambulatory and Hospital Care Statistics Branch at 301-458-4600.

NAMCS Survey Instruments

NHAMCS Survey Instruments