The Office of Research and Metholodogy (ORM)

The Office of Research and Methodology (ORM) plans, coordinates, and stimulates the Center’s applied and basic research program in the fields of mathematical statistics, survey design and methodology, cognition and survey measurement, and automated statistical, graphical, and geographical technologies, and conducts research in each of these fields. The Office serves as the Center’s consultants in the fields of survey design and methodology, data collection, data analysis, and cognition, and formulates and implements statistical standards in these areas. It also consults and collaborates on statistical research projects within DHHS and other Federal agencies, State and local governments, universities, private research organizations, and international health agencies and reviews for statistical merit all research contracts, interagency agreements, or intramural activities with these entities.

Statistical Research and Survey Design Staff (SRSDS)

The Statistical Research and Survey Design Staff (SRSDS) provides technical consultation, plans, and coordinates survey design and statistical methodology research programs for many of NCHS’ surveys to maximize their efficiency and analytical capability.

Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory (QDRL)

The Questionnaire Design Research Laboratory (QDRL) was established in 1985 as a resource for the National Center for Health Statistics and other Federal statistical agencies to develop and test survey instruments.

Research Data Center (RDC)

The NCHS Research Data Center (RDC) has the unique opportunity to provide secure access to all NCHS data systems, while protecting the confidentiality of the respondents and records.