NCHS Organization (Test)

The National Center for Health Statistics is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Department of Health and Human Services.

National Center for Health Statistics /nchs/images/about/org-chart/nchs-org-chart.jpg /nchs/data/about/org-chart/nchs-org-chart.pdf NCHS Related Links 1 1 Brian Moyer, Ph.D. Director /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Moyer.jpg 1 Amy Branum, Ph.D. Deputy Director for Programs (Acting) /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Brannum.jpg James Craver Deputy Director for Management and Operations /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Craver_James-Approved.jpeg Amy Branum, Ph.D. Associate Director for Science /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Brannum.jpg Travis Hoppe, Ph.D. Associate Director for Data Science and Analytics /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Hoppe_Travis-Approved.jpg John Halter, J.D. Associate Director for Policy Office of Planning, Budget, and Legislation /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Halter_John-Approved.jpg Dagny Olivares Associate Director for Communication Office of Information Services /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Olivares.jpg Kiana Morris Senior Advisor to the Director /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Morris.jpg Donna Pickett Chief Classification and Public Health Data Standards Staff /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Pickett.jpg Sherry Brown-Scoggins Director Office of Information Technology /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Brown-Scoggins.jpg Richard H. Connor Management Officer Office of Management and Operations /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Connor.jpg Irma Arispe, Ph.D. Director Division of Analysis and Epidemiology /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Arispe.jpg Lisa Mirel Branch Chief Data Linkage Methodology & Analysis Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Mirel.jpg David Huang, Ph.D. Branch Chief Health Promotion Statistics Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Huang.jpg Julie Weeks, Ph.D. Branch Chief Measures Research & Evaluation Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Weeks.jpg Renee Gindi, Ph.D. Branch Chief Population Health Reporting & Dissemination Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Gindi.jpg Carol DeFrances, Ph.D. Director (Acting) Division of Health Care Statistics /nchs/images/about/org-chart/DeFrances.jpg Brian Ward, Ph.D. Branch Chief Ambulatory and Hospital Care Statistics Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Ward.jpg Manisha Sengupta, Ph.D. Branch Chief (Acting) Long-term Care Statistics Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Sengupta.jpg Askari Rizvi Branch Chief Technical Services Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Rizvi.jpg 1 Stephen Blumberg, Ph.D. Director Division of Health Interview Statistics /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Blumberg.jpg Jeannine Schiller Branch Chief Data Analysis and Quality Assurance Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Schiller.jpg Qiming He Branch Chief Data Production and Systems Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Quiming_He.jpg Aaron Maitland, Ph.D. Branch Chief Survey Planning and Special Surveys Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Maitland.jpg Ryne Paulose-Ram, Ph.D. Director (Acting) Division of Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Paulose.jpg Cynthia Ogden, Ph.D. Branch Chief Analysis Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Ogden.jpg Timothy Tilert, Ph.D. Branch Chief Informatics Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Tilert.jpeg Jessica Graber, Ph.D. Branch Chief Operations Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Graber.jpg David Woodwell Branch Chief Planning Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Woodwell.jpg Jennifer Parker, Ph.D. Director Division of Research Methodology /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Parker.jpg Kristen Miller, Ph.D. Branch Chief Collaborating Center for Questionnaire Design and Evaluation Research /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Miller.jpg Yulei He, Ph.D. Branch Chief Collaborating Center for Statistical Research and Survey Design /nchs/images/about/org-chart/He.jpg Neil Russell, Ph.D. Branch Chief Research Data Center /nchs/images/about/org-chart/placeholder.jpg Steven Schwartz, Ph.D. Director Division of Vital Statistics /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Schwartz.jpg Steven Schwartz, Ph.D. Branch Chief (Acting) Data Acquisition, Classification, and Evaluation Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Schwartz.jpg Rajesh Virkar Branch Chief Information Technology Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Virkar.jpg Robert Anderson, Ph.D. Branch Chief Mortality Statistics Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Anderson.jpg Isabelle Horon, Dr.P.H. Branch Chief Reproductive Statistics Branch /nchs/images/about/org-chart/Horon.jpg CDC Organization Neil Russell, Ph.D. Branch Chief Research Data Center /nchs/images/about/org-chart/He.jpg 0 15 18