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September 17-18, 2007

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Update: Mortality Review

PowerPoint Presentation [PDF – 367 KB]

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Update: Mortality Review

Robert N. Anderson Ph.D.
Mortality Statistics Branch
Division of Vital Statistics

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Address Issues of Confidentiality, Privacy and Data Release

  • Immediate Highest Priority 2
  • Revised data release policy
  • Effective with release of 2005 birth and death data
  • Revised form for executing Data Use Agreements
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Improvements and Comparability in Certification, Coding, and Classification Procedures

  • High Priority 1, 8, 10, & 12
  • Training for cause-of-death certifiers
    • Delaware (2005-2007) – lectures in all major hospitals – disseminated on CD to all licensed physicians
    • New Hampshire – training for physicians in use of EDR system
    • Tennessee – developing training program tied to CME credits – UT-Memphis
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Improvements and Comparability in Certification, Coding, and Classification Procedures

  • Standardized coding in place – Mortality Medical Data System (MMDS)
  • Improvements in MMDS
  • Correcting errors
  • Incorporating annual classification updates
  • Improving throughput
  • Use of cause of death text from MMDS
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Improvements and Comparability in Certification, Coding, and Classification Procedures

  • Ongoing efforts to assist WHO in improving the ICD
    • Mortality Reference Group
    • Update and Revision Committee
    • Development of ICD-11
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Develop a Master Analytic Plan

  • High Priority 2
  • Creation of a research agenda for MSB
  • Areas of focus
    • Mortality prevalence and trends
    • Data quality
    • Methodological Research
    • Use of data
    • Systems, processing and procedures
    • NMFS
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Promote the Expansion and Implementation of Electronic Death Registration (EDR)

  • High Priority 14
  • Promotion of EDR systems with the Influenza Division as a means of providing more timely mortality data for influenza/pandemic surveillance
  • We have worked hard to procure pandemic funding for state EDR projects
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Develop a Rapid, National Mortality Surveillance System

  • High Priority 5
  • Hinges on:
    • Development of EDR systems
    • Reengineering of internal DVS systems
  • Need to access and analyze data near real-time
  • Pandemic flu activities
  • Influenza Surveillance Steering Committee
  • Influenza Mortality Surveillance Workgroup
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Develop a Rapid, National Mortality Surveillance System

  • Viewed as a replacement for the 122 Cities Mortality Reporting System
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Develop a Rapid, National Mortality Surveillance System

  • Goal is to report deaths – both fact of death and cause of death – within 3-5 days from the date of death
  • Pilot project
    • 3 states – NH, UT, HI
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Decrease Turnaround Time in Preparation of Reports

  • High Priority 11
  • Reengineered internal DVS systems are being designed to speed data processing
  • Should result in data being ready for tabulation in a more timely fashion
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Increase Dissemination and Usefulness of Multiple Cause Mortality Data

  • High Priority 16 and Moderate Priority 19
  • A new report on multiple cause data is in development
    • Prevalence, patterns and trends
    • Methods of tabulation and analysis
  • Collaboration with NCPHI to add multiple cause data to CDC WONDER
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Assess Data Quality

  • Moderate Priority 3 & 4
  • Research on the quality of race and Hispanic origin reporting on the death certificate
  • Funding from NIA to produce life tables by education and nativity – will require analysis of the quality of reporting of these items
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Web-based Data Systems

  • Moderate Priority 14
  • VitalStats
    • Data for deaths will be available this year
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Picture of the National Center of Health Statistics’ Vital Stats web page.

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Web-based Data Systems

  • Improvements to CDC WONDER
  • Multiple cause data
  • Additional tabulation lists – infant causes, injury mortality
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