Report of the SLAITS/NIS Review Panel to the NCHS Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC)

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SLAITS Project Budget

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2007 National Survey of Children’s Health (N=86,700)

Total Project Budget (MCHB costs) $11,357,594
FY2004 $1,184,000
FY2005 $2,000,000
FY2006 $1,779,810
FY2007 $3,151,929
FY2008 $3,241,855
Contract Amount $9,108,271
CDC Overhead $821,545
NCHS Survey Support* $1,407,778
GS-15: Branch Chief, SLAITS management, budget, content, procedures, operations, NIS liaison 25%
GS-14: Lead statistician, methodologist and subject matter expert, survey oversight, weighting, QC 75%
GS-13: Statistician, clearances, content, subject matter, analyst 50%
GD-13: Statistician, analyst, subject matter, SAS expert, technical assistance 40%
GS-13: Computer Scientist, data file prep, technical assistance, QC 30%
ASPH intern 100%
Staff travel and training $20,000

*Includes personnel directly involved and indirectly involved (such as NCHS management) and overhead. Time is averaged over the period as it fluctuates over the life of the project. Also, other SLAITS surveys overlap this one.