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September 17-18, 2007

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NCHS Budget Update: September 18, 2007

PowerPoint Presentation [PDF – 575 KB]

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NCHS Budget Update
September 18, 2007

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NCHS Budget History

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NCHS Budget History
Funding From All Sources

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FY 2008/2009 Budget Prospects

  • President requests an increase of $900,000 over the FY 2007 funding level – to partially support the National Home and Hospice Care Survey
    • House Appropriation Committee recommended an increase of $10M
    • Senate Appropriation Committee reported an increase of $8M
    • A Continuing Resolution is likely …
  • FY 2009 Budget
    • JLGerberding: NCHS on Life Support
      Positive prospects
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BSC Budget Recommendations

  • Explore efficiencies
  • Include cost savings in future program reviews
  • Share issues with constituencies, collaborators and sister agencies
  • Address short term issues with an eye to the longer term strategic vision
  • Be wary of the impact on quality of across the board reductions
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FY 2008 Budget Action

  • FY 2008 Actions:
    • Gain budget guarantees for 2008 to maintain current programs and commitments
    • Target a major program reduction for FY 2009
    • Discuss target with
      • CDC/NIH/HHS
      • BSC
      • NCVHS
      • Constituencies
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Confidentiality Issue

  • Under consideration methods for release of NHANES DNA and clinical data
    • Current process uses the NCHS Research Data Center
    • CDC’s Beyond Gene Discovery (BGD)
    • NIH’s GWAS Data Repository (Genome Wide Association Studies)
    • Meeting in December to focus on achieving use of the data while preserving confidentiality
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NIH Guiding Principle

The greatest public benefit will be realized if data from GWAS are made available, under terms and conditions consistent with the informed consent provided by individual participants, in a timely manner to the largest possible number of investigators.

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