Decisions Through Data

People working in an office setting with the text "Decisions Through Data" - "Tracking Awareness Week - July 11-15, 2022"

CDC’s Tracking Program uses data science methods, expertise, and technology that make data easier to understand, act upon, and improve the health of communities. Participate in Tracking Awareness Week and learn about a few public health resources that help inform decisions to protect the nation from health issues arising from or directly related to environmental factors.

Tracking Awareness Week

CDC is sponsoring the seventh annual National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program Week (Tracking Awareness Week) during July 11-15, 2022. CDC, state and local health departments, and national partners, researchers, and people interested in environmental health are coming together to highlight important nationwide environmental health issues and to recognize the work of the Tracking Program.

Decisions Through Data

CDC’s Environmental Justice Dashboard

CDC’s Environmental Justice Dashboard is an example of the tools that can inform decisions through data.

This year’s theme will showcase how the Tracking Network enables researchers, public health professionals, policy makers, and the public to make informed “Decisions Through Data.” Through a variety of daily topics, Tracking Awareness Week will showcase how Tracking Program staff members and partners work to use environmental and health data to plan for and respond to public health emergencies, implement policy changes, improve public health efficiency, and benefit citizens in state and local communities. Topics include:

  • Monday: Supporting Preparedness & Response
  • Tuesday: Working for Environmental Justice
  • Wednesday: Getting Local
  • Thursday: Helping With Tools & Resources
  • Friday: Doing Good With Data

How you can participate in Tracking Awareness Week:

Anyone can participate in Tracking Awareness Week. The best way to participate is to share content and posts from CDC’s Tracking Program social media channels (i.e., Facebook and Twitter), which you can find by searching #DecisionsThroughData on either platform.

  • CDC will be presenting an Environmental Health Nexus webinar showcasing our Environmental Justice Dashboard on Tuesday, July 12, at 1:00 p.m. for the focused daily topic “Working for Environmental Justice.” Webinar participation is open to anyone.
  • Additionally, CDC is hosting a Twitter chat on Thursday, July 14, at 2:00 p.m. ET. You can use #TrackingChat to ask questions and engage in conversations with Tracking Network staff members, funded state and local health departments, and partners.
  • Access daily social media prompts and graphics on the Tracking Awareness Week website.
  • Join Tracking’s email list to learn the latest from the Tracking Program.

Learn more about the Tracking Program and the Tracking Network

CDC’s National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program (Tracking Program) connects environmental and public health data to drive innovative programs and solutions that protect and improve the health of communities. The Tracking Program hosts an online system called the Tracking Network. The Tracking Network brings together health data and environment data from a number of credible sources and provides supporting information to make the data easier to understand.

Mark your calendars July 11-15, 2022 for Tracking Awareness Week to learn more and join the “Decisions Through Data” conversation.

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