CDC’s Tracking Network in Action

Faces of Tracking

See how Environmental Public Health Tracking programs across the country are making a difference in the lives of individuals.

CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (Tracking Network) connects people with vital public health information. You can interact with 497 environmental health data measures on the Tracking Network, on topics like air quality, radon, and cancer. The data and information on the Tracking Network can be used for a wide variety of environmental and public health efforts. But the Tracking Network is more than just data.

Beyond Data: Faces of Tracking

The Tracking Network is also a network of people and resources that transform data into public health action. Tracking programs provide essential environmental health infrastructure and expertise to keep communities safe and help improve where we live, work, and play.

Faces of Tracking showcases stories from real people who have been impacted by Tracking, or have used Tracking data to enact public health change across the United States. Featured story topics include a variety of environmental health issues reflecting diverse environment-health connections the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program seeks to understand:

  • Meghan (Washington): radon testing
  • Lisa (South Carolina): mercury in fish
  • Erik (Vermont): blue-green algae
  • Kelly (New York): access to parks
  • Darren (Wisconsin): carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Emma (Minnesota): melanoma

Graphic:  Environmental Public Health Tracking Success Stories
Learn more about the Tracking Program by exploring other success stories and videos.

Learn More about the Tracking Network

The Tracking Network is celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary! The Tracking Network has made advances in technology, data science, environmental health science, and made a significant impact on public health. Learn more about the accomplishments of the Tracking Network in the last decade.

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An example of a customizable map

An example of a customizable map you can create on the Environmental Public Health Tracking Network.

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