CDC’s Tracking Network in Action

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See how the Tracking Network’s data and tools help keep people safe and improve where we live, work, and play.

CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Network (Tracking Network) has been connecting people with vital public health information since 2009. Over the past decade, CDC has made continual improvements to the Tracking Network’s data by increasing its accessibility, updating its timeliness, and expanding geographic coverage. Today, Tracking Network users can view over 600 environmental health measures and more than two billion rows of nationally comparable data in customizable maps, charts, and tables, and interactive infographics and dashboards.

Beyond Data: Tracking in Action

Tracking programs across the country provide essential environmental health infrastructure and expertise to keep communities safe and help improve where we live, work, and play. See how Environmental Public Health Tracking programs across the country are making a difference in the lives of individuals.

Graphic:  Environmental Public Health Tracking Success Stories

Tracking data and activities have informed over 500 public health actions in communities across the country. Learn about some of them on Tracking’s Success Stories webpage.

  • Tracking in Action: Watch videos showing how Tracking programs are improving public health for their communities.
  • Faces of Tracking: Read stories from real people who have benefited from Tracking or have used Tracking data to propel public health change across the United States. Featured story topics include a variety of environmental health issues reflecting diverse environment-health connections the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Program seeks to understand.
    • Meghan (Washington): radon testing
    • Lisa (South Carolina): mercury in fish
    • Erik (Vermont): blue-green algae
    • Kelly (New York): access to parks
    • Darren (Wisconsin): carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Emma (Minnesota): melanoma
  • Success Stories: Browse success stories from CDC-funded Tracking programs by state and topic.

Because of the Tracking Program, communities can make informed decisions about allocating resources, planning interventions, and evaluating efforts to improve public health.

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Page last reviewed: November 15, 2021