About EHC

The Environmental Health Capacity program (EHC) provides funding to increase the capacity of health department EH programs. EH capacity is a crucial part of protecting the nation’s public health.

Building Capacity Can Improve Public Health

Strong environmental health (EH) programs understand the public health needs of their communities and meet those needs with effective solutions. EHC focuses on three strategies to help EH programs build core capacity to

  1. Use EH data and information to drive decision making.
  2. Identify and address EH hazards.
  3. Assess effectiveness, impact, and value of EH services and interventions.
Understanding Best Practices Helps Everyone

In the long term, EHC recipient findings will be used to improve overall EH practice. As we better identify, understand, and apply evidence-based best practices, we expect to see a reduction in EH hazards. This will demonstrate the value and importance of EH program services and interventions and will enhance public health department EH program performance, capacity, agility, and resilience.

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