NBS: Timeline

What to know

NBS modernization is a complex, multi-phase project. CDC plans to evolve NBS over time to keep up with new technologies and changing user needs. Replacing all the current components in NBS with modernized technology is an iterative process expected to take several years. However, current NBS users may begin to see improvements to the system as incremental updates are regularly released.

What To Do Next

Get Started

As part of your Data Modernization Initiative (DMI) planning, we encourage jurisdictions to use the results of your DMI assessment to understand your infrastructure and system needs.

  • Learn about the North Star Architecture.
  • Plan for optimizing your system in a cloud infrastructure for added scalability, flexibility, and integration (a required activity within the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity [ELC] Cooperative Agreement).
  • Discuss the possibility of using NBS in a centrally hosted CDC cloud environment. Think about policies or agreements your jurisdiction would need for use of a multi-tenant-hosted system.
  • Look for more information on NBS modernization before finalizing plans for your surveillance systems.

Stay Engaged

We plan to solicit input and provide updates on the modernization effort through the NBS User Group (NUG). To stay engaged with the project:

You can also learn more about NBS modernization in Case Surveillance News, in the eSHARE training webinar on NBS modernization, or by emailing the CDC NBS team at nbs@cdc.gov.