NBS Modernization

Building a state-of-the-art integrated disease surveillance system

NBS modernization is a complex, multi-phase project. CDC will release frequent, easy-to implement updates and new features while maintaining the current system. The goal is to continuously evolve NBS to keep up with new technologies and jurisdictions’ changing needs.

  • CDC is engaging jurisdictions on an ongoing basis to ensure the team understands the needs of both NBS users and jurisdictions considering NBS.
  • Jurisdiction feedback will inform decision-making for the modernization roadmap, which will be reviewed and refined on a quarterly basis with additional input from the CCB.
  • CDC will engage with the NBS User Group (NUG) during biweekly meetings to show prototypes, share status updates, and get feedback.

The Big Picture

Modernization strengthens an interconnected data ecosystem.

Data from different sources, data storage, intake by CDC, and frontline access

The Process

Changes are made in a dynamic, iterative, and agile way.

Plan which features to focus on, release and get feedback from users, design and develop the technology, and review and deploy the new features.

The Journey

Improved features gradually replace the old, and expand to include new ones.

Where we started; hybrid system; where we're going

Learn more and see our progress: