Asthma Cooperative Agreement Partner Profile – Puerto Rico

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CDC is funding the health departments in California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Houston, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Wisconsin to improve the reach, quality, effectiveness, and sustainability of asthma control services and to reduce asthma morbidity, mortality and disparities by implementing evidence-based strategies.


The Puerto Rico Asthma Program (PRAP) has been part of CDC's National Asthma Control Program since 2006. PRAP and its partners work to reduce asthma disparities by improving the quality of asthma care, improving asthma management in schools, and fostering policies to help reduce exposure to asthma triggers in outdoor, indoor, and workplace environments.

  • Departmento de Salud de Puerto Rico
  • Dr. Idania Rodriguez
    Principal Investigator
  • 787-765-2929
  • PO Box 70184
    San Juan, PR 00936
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In 2020, the Puerto Rico Department of Education and the Department of Health issued Regulation 9224 to foster continuity of treatment for students with asthma. Also in 2020, the Puerto Rico Department of Health issued Administrative Order 473, an asthma management action plan for all patients with asthma. The plan included annual medical certification for students with asthma. In response, PRAP started the Asthma School Registry, which requires completion and submission of students’ asthma action plans to their schools. The registry ensures that children with asthma have an asthma action plan as an essential part of their treatment and that the document is submitted to the school for use, resulting in better asthma management and control. The data collected by the registry allow PRAP to identify the schools and municipalities with more students with asthma and the severity of their condition. This invaluable information is used for program planning.

PRAP conducted a business case analysis for their interactive home visiting project for trigger reduction and asthma self-management education (Visitas Interactivas acerca del Asma en el hogar [VIAS]) in 2021. The business case describes the reasons and justification for the project in terms of business process performance, needs and/or problems, and expected benefits. PRAP developed the business case to assess the costs and effectiveness of the home visiting project in helping participants control their asthma. The business case provides information on where to focus program efforts to help determine project cost-effectiveness. Data analysis determined that the home visiting project has a return on investment (ROI) of 0.35. This means, for every $1 of the program cost, the intervention resulted in $1.35 of healthcare saving, or 35% in return. This ROI is an indicator of project effectiveness and supports pursuit of a Medicaid reimbursement code for the home visiting project. These data also provide an opportunity to bring awareness of this project to Puerto Rico’s health insurance companies.

Thirty families benefitted from the virtual VIAS project in 2021. These families were referred to the project by collaborating partners. This project promoted asthma control behaviors and helped families reduce asthma triggers. Trained staff members from PRAP educated families about asthma and how to identify and manage symptoms, including asthma triggers. Photos of spaces in the home where children spent most of their time were used to evaluate and identify sources of asthma triggers. PRAP shared recommendations to the families on how to reduce the identified triggers and also provided supplies such as cockroach traps, mousetraps, hypoallergenic covers, and educational materials help reduce triggers.

What the data shows


283,602 Adults with asthma

84,136 Children with asthma

In 2020, among adults in Puerto Rico, 283,602 (10.4% of the adult population) had asthma. During 2018–2020, among children ages 0–17 years in Puerto Rico, 84,136 (7.4%) had asthma.


27,850 ER visits

6,760 Hospitalizations

In 2021, there were 27,850 emergency department visits and 6,760 hospitalizations due to asthma in Puerto Rico.