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Learn how NEEF works to help CDC reach the Controlling Childhood Asthma Reducing Emergencies (CCARE) goal of preventing 500,000 hospitalizations and emergency department visits among children with asthma by August 30, 2024.

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This project supports progress toward expanded visibility and uptake of EXHALE strategies to control asthma.

Through program integration and expanded implementation of the EXHALE strategies, engaging trusted influencers, and monitoring meaningful measurement, NEEF’s Pediatric Asthma Initiative is doing the following:

  • Increasing the number of persons who receive communication and education messages regarding CCARE and EXHALE, including healthcare providers, public health practitioners, children with asthma, and their parents or caregivers
  • Establishing partnerships and collaborating with national partners, asthma programs, NGOs, and CDC
  • Creating opportunities to expand application of EXHALE strategies, thus improving access to strategies that will accelerate progress in reaching the most vulnerable communities and underserved populations

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NEEF’s achievement of these strategies will lead to the following outcomes:

  • Increased and equitable use of EXHALE strategies
  • Established partnerships for distributing messages and sharing in decision-making
  • Increased awareness and collective use of the EXHALE strategies

Over the past 3 years, using various strategic plans and projects, NEEF distributed CCARE and EXHALE messages to 45,000 healthcare providers, practitioners, and decision makers, and children with asthma and their families.