CDC Laboratories

CDC has more than 1700 scientists, working in more than 200 cutting-edge laboratories across the U.S. from Atlanta to Spokane, to Ft Collins, to Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Morgantown, Anchorage, and San Juan. While CDC’s laboratories are diverse in their functions and expertise, they play a vital role and are unified by a single mission: to protect the lives and health of the American public 24/7.

Who We Are
Dr. Jim Pirkle

Jim Pirkle, MD, PhD
ADLSS and OLSS Director, CDC

Jim Pirkle, MD, PhD, is serving as the Associate Director for Laboratory Science and Safety (ADLSS) and Director of the Office of Laboratory Science and Safety (OLSS) at CDC. In these capacities, Dr. Pirkle provides high-level oversight and coordination of critical laboratory science policies and operations, particularly those associated with laboratory safety and quality management at CDC.