Filling in the CDC Specimen Submission Form 50.34

Filling in the CDC Specimen Submission Form 50.34

    If submitters fill in PHL information in one CDC Specimen Submission Form 50.34 template, will it save the information to all of the templates (e.g. Human and Animals)?

    Yes, saved PHL submitter information is retained when changing the specimen origin (e.g. switching the form from human to animal).

    How do International submitters complete the form?

    They fill out the top submitter block and complete the rest of the form as appropriate. If language is a barrier to completing the form, the submitter must contact an appropriate CDC laboratory to establish a process for submitting specimens to CDC.

    Can you enter multiple codes in the test order code field? (i.e. IFA R. rickettsia and PCR for spotted fever group rickettsia) or several pathogens? (IFA R. rickettsia and E. chaffeneesis)

    Only one test order code/name can be entered on the CDC Specimen Submission Form 50.34. It should be noted that these fields are drop down values on the form and a test order may encompass a panel of multiple tests.

    Is there a way to indicate that samples may be paired or one of a larger set? (we often test paired serum samples that are best when run together)

    The field ‘Specimen Source Modifier' allows one to say if the specimen is acute or convalescent. For noting what it is paired to, or part of a set, then a submitter could use the 'Brief Clinical Summary', or ‘Previous Laboratory Results' fields for denoting this information, both located on the back side of the form. The Extent area on the back side of the form allows one to define a particular outbreak if that is the case.

    What if the submitter does not know the specimen type?

    The submitter should select the blank entry in the drop down list.

    Can submitters autocomplete the CDC Specimen Submission Form 50.34 by importing information from a LIMS or spreadsheet?

    No, there is no capability to populate the CDC Specimen Submission Form 50.34 from a LIMS, spreadsheet, or database.

    Is there a field to include comments?

    Comments should be added to the field labeled Previous Laboratory Results / Comments, located on the back of the form.