Tools for Healthcare Settings

The following tools are designed to help healthcare providers to implement Standard and Transmission-Based Precautions to prevent infections.

Infection Control Assessment Tools

Use these tools to

  • assess infection prevention practices
  • guide quality improvement

Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Infection Control Assessment and Response Tools

For more information, see the Infection Control Assessment Tool page on the HAI website.

Targeted Assessment for Prevention (TAP) Strategy

The TAP strategy is a method developed by the CDC to use data for action to prevent healthcare-associated infections. The TAP strategy targets healthcare facilities and specific units within facilities with a disproportionate burden of HAIs so that gaps in infection can be addressed.

For more information on the TAP strategy and for prevention tools, see the Targeted Assessment for Prevention (TAP) Strategy page on the HAI website.

Ambulatory/Outpatient Settings
Dental Settings
Evaluating Environmental Cleaning
Infection Control Transfer Forms
Long-term Care Settings
Orthopedic and Pain Management Office Settings
Outpatient Hemodialysis Settings
Outpatient Oncology Settings
Podiatry Settings