Project Firstline Partner Activities

At Project Firstline, we believe that partnerships bring greater impact. Our partners regularly host events, create tools, and publish resources to support frontline healthcare workers in better understanding and applying infection control actions correctly, every day.

Below are some highlights of the infection control resources and tools our partners have developed as a part of their work with Project Firstline.

Partner Spotlight
Why Does Contact Time Matter for Disinfection

Check out National Network of Public Health Institutes (NNPHI) newest interactive learning experience: “Why Does Contact Time Matter for Disinfection?” Scroll through this experience to find out how a disinfectant’s contact time makes a big difference in determining if germs are killed, or if they remain on a surface and could be spread. This experience and previous ones from NNPHI are based on a series of video blogs featuring Project Firstline’s Dr. Abby Carlson. Check it out

Partner Resources