Interactive Resources

Check your infection control knowledge and gain valuable feedback in real time with our interactive, educational infection control resources. When you know how to recognize infection risks and understand how to apply infection control solutions you can save patient’s lives. From hospitals, to outpatient settings, to nursing homes, Project Firstline has interactive resources to help you increase and test your infection control knowledge no matter your healthcare setting.

Activity: When Healthcare Tasks Take a Turn!

Complete these activities to understand how to apply basic infection control practices, so when unexpected challenges arise you know how to respond to keep patients and yourself safe.

Activity: What's Wrong with This Picture?

Examine the following healthcare scenarios to see if you can identify where proper infection control measures are not being implemented. As you complete this activity, we also encourage you to think about what additional infection control and patient safety measures can be taken to stop the spread of germs in healthcare settings.

Interactive Infographic

Learn where germs live in healthcare to recognize the risks for them to spread. This interactive infographic will help you understand environmental infection control so you can take action to protect your patients and yourself from the spread of germs.