Learn About Infection Control in Health Care

Infection control in health care is more than just policies and procedures, it’s an essential part of caring for and protecting patients. When you can understand and apply infection control actions consistently and confidently – every person, every action, every day – it saves lives.

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Learn to recognize infection risks – and take action to protect your patients and yourself, no matter the situation.

When you work in health care, each day brings its own challenges. But caring for and protecting patients is always the top priority. This includes protecting patients from getting infections while they are receiving care. With a foundational knowledge about germ spread and the “why” behind infection control, you can recognize infection risks and make the right decisions to prevent people from getting sick, regardless of what the day brings.

CDC’s Project Firstline provides innovative and accessible resources so all healthcare workers can learn about infection control in health care. Explore our educational and training content to learn more about where germs live in healthcare settings and how to recognize the risk for them to spread – which is the first step in understanding when to take action to protect your patients and yourself from infections.