Bringing an Animal into the United States

Starting August 1, 2024 at 12:01AM ET, new rules go into effect. Use the DogBot below to determine what rules apply to your dog based on the dates of travel and where your dog is traveling from.

CDC regulations govern the importation of animals and animal products capable of causing human disease. Pets taken out of the United States are subject upon return to the same regulations as those entering for the first time.

CDC does not require general certificates of health for pets for entry into the United States. However, health certificates may be required for entry into some states or may be required by airlines. Check with officials in the state of final destination and with the airline before your travel date.

CDC is aware that Internet scammers are falsely representing themselves as CDC employees in emails to US citizens. Learn more about internet pet adoption scams.

A CDC public health officer checks the rabies vaccination certificate of a dog in a kennel just arrived into the United States. Photo credit to Derek Sakris, CDC.

Photo credit: Derek Sakris, CDC

Animals Regulated by CDC

Animals NOT Regulated by CDC