Comprehensive HIV Care Services

THRIVE Activities

Each THRIVE collaborative will provide 24 HIV prevention, care, behavioral health and social services.

HIV Prevention Services

The following 11 HIV care services that must be provided by the collaborative for MSM of color living with HIV infection:

  1. HIV primary care, including ARV treatment
  2. Retention interventions
  3. Re-engagement interventions
  4. Adherence interventions
  5. STD screening and treatment
  6. Partner services
  7. Behavioral risk reduction interventions
  8. Screening patients for behavioral health and social services needs
  9. Linkage to behavioral health and social services
  10. Navigators to assist linking to HIV care services and accessing behavioral health and social services
  11. Navigators to assist enrollment in a health plan

HIV Care Services for MSM of Color Living with HIV Infection

USA Map of THRIVE Grantees

The HIV care continuum consists of several steps required to achieve viral suppression.