Notice of Funding Opportunity PS22-2203: After You Apply

Phase I

All applications will be reviewed initially for completeness by CDC OGS staff and will be reviewed jointly for eligibility by the CDC OGS and NCHHSTP/DHAP/PPB. Incomplete applications and applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria will not advance to Phase II review. Applicants will be notified that their applications did not meet eligibility or published submission requirements.

Phase II

An objective review panel will evaluate complete, eligible applications in accordance with the criteria section of the NOFO. The applications will be objectively reviewed and scored by an independent review panel.

I. Approach (45 points)

II. Evaluation and Performance Measurement (10 points)

III. Applicant’s Organizational Capacity to Implement the Approach (45 points)

IV. Budget (Reviewed, but not scored)

Not more than thirty (30) days after the Phase II review is completed, applicants will be notified electronically if their application does not meet eligibility or published submission requirements.

Phase III

After the objective review, the next step of the review process is conducted during a pre-decisional site visit (PDSV). The intent of the PDSV is to assess the applicant’s capacity to implement the proposed program, this includes assessing the physical location, staffing, viable board of directors, access to the primary population, potential partnerships and collaborators, etc.

During PDSVs, CDC staff will meet with appropriate project management and staff, which may include representatives of governing bodies, executive director, program manager, etc. The PDSV (1) facilitates a technical review of the application and discussion of the proposed program; (2) further assesses an applicant’s capacity to implement the proposed program; and (3) identifies unique programmatic conditions that may require further training, technical assistance, or other CDC resources. CDC will contact the health department during the PDSV process to verify data submitted by the applicant (e.g., priority population data).

Applicants applying for funding will be selected to receive a PDSV based on scores from the Objective Review process, geographic location, CDC’s funding preferences, and the proposed priority populations.

Applications will be funded in order by score and rank determined by the objective review panel. The following factors also may affect the funding decision:

  • Preference to ensure equitable balance in terms of prioritized racial or ethnic minority groups. (The number of funded applicants serving each racial or ethnic minority group may be adjusted based on the burden of HIV disease in that group as measured by HIV reporting.)
  • Preference for the balance of funded applicants based on (1) burden of HIV within jurisdictions and (2) disproportionately affected geographic areas, as measured by CDC (geographical diversity).