Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) PS22-2201: National HIV Behavioral Surveillance?

To access the application package for PS22-2201:

  1. Go to: grants.govexternal icon.
  2. Select: “Search Grants” from the top menu.
  3. In the “Opportunity Number” box, type: CDC-RFA-PS22-2201.

What are the key dates for this funding opportunity?

  • Publication:
  • Letters of Intent due: June 7, 2021
  • Applications due: August 2, 2021
  • Award date: January 1, 2022
  • Project Period: January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2026

What is the expected number of awards?

Subject to the availability of funds, up to 30 awards:

  • Up to 25 awards for Component 1 (Core NHBS)
  • Up to 5 awards for Component 2 (NHBS BHBAs)

Can a health department submit more than one application?

No. A health department may submit only one application. The application should be for only one component. Multiple applications from a single applicant or any application that does not clearly indicate selection of one component will be considered nonresponsive and the application(s) will receive no further review.

When is the Letter of Intent (LOI) due to

The due date for the Letter of Intent (LOI) is June 7, 2021. The LOI is requested from eligible applicants with no previous experience conducting NHBS. You are welcome to still submit an LOI even if you missed the deadline.

What is the page limit for the Project Narrative, inclusive of the work plan?

Component 1 – Core NHBS

  • Core NHBS + work plan = 15-page limit
  • Core NHBS + work plan AND 1 Optional Population + work plan = 20-page limit
  • Core NHBS + work plan AND 2 Optional Populations + work plans = 25-page limit

Component 2 – NHBS BHBAs

  • NHBS BHBAs + work plan = 15 pages

Are the Evaluation Plan or Organizational Capacity sections included the page limit?

Yes, the Evaluation Plan and Organizational Capacity are sections of the Project Narrative. Please reference page limits for the Project Narrative listed above.

Is there a funding ceiling? What is the average award amount?

There is no funding ceiling in this NOFO; the average award amounts for Year 1 are as follows:

Component 1 – Core NHBS

  • REQUIRED: $470,000 (NHBS-PWID)
  • OPTIONAL: $150,000 (Viral hepatitis testing in NHBS-PWID), $250,000 (NHBS among Transgender Women), $250,000 (NHBS among Women who Exchange Sex)

Component 2 (NHBS BHBAs): $450,000

Are there any expenses which are not allowable in the budget, like equipment?

Equipment is an allowable expense; large equipment will have to be pre-approved prior to purchase.

Our state only allows for confidential testing, would that make us ineligible?

Anonymous testing is required in this NOFO. Potential applicants are encouraged to explore possible exceptions that are provided in some states for research projects to perform anonymous testing if it is otherwise prohibited.

Does the NHBS among women who exchange sex Optional Population in Component 1 include transgender women?

NHBS among women who exchange sex (NHBS-WES) will be inclusive of both cisgender and transgender women who exchange sex.

Will there be any in-person trainings specifically for the Optional Populations?

Yes, as referenced in Attachments B and C, applicants should request funding to attend an in-person meeting in Atlanta for training related to implementation of Optional Populations.

For the NHBS-Trans survey: what if we anticipate that the budget for the 2nd project year, survey implementation, will be higher than for the first project year, preparation and formative work. How would we indicate that in our application since we are only providing a budget for year 1?

As indicated on pages 49-50 of the NOFO, please submit two 12-month budgets representing Years 1 and 2 of the NHBS-Trans Optional Population. Applicants should request needed funding to support project activities for the respective years, even if the funding requests total different amounts in Year 1 and Year 2.

Can we propose only HCV testing rather than HBV and HCV testing?

Yes, applicants can propose HCV testing, HBV testing, or both.

Additional Q/A will be added as questions are submitted to