Attachment E – Optional STI Testing During NHBS-HET: Year 4

The following is a list of resources that are typically requested to complete the optional STI testing activity during NHBS-HET for one year.


  • Field staff (part-time) with sufficient level of effort for the following activities:
    • Guide participants through STI specimen collection
    • STI counseling
  • Data manager (part-time) to perform STI data management duties


  • Shipping materials (shipping box, tube sleeves, UN3373 labels, ziptop biohazard bags)
  • Supplies to assist in specimen collection (mirrors, step stool, tube racks, hand sanitizer, gloves and PPE, trash cans, disposable menstrual products)
  • Office supplies (barcode scanner, folders, printing costs)


  • STI testing incentives (for example, $25*500 participants)

Provided by CDC (do not include in budget)

  • Specimen collection kits
  • Barcode labels
  • FedEx shipping to CDC (covers cost of shipping, not shipping supplies)
  • Testing at CDC laboratory