Attachment A – Core National HIV Behavioral Surveillance (NHBS): Year 1

The following is a list of resources that are typically requested to complete Core NHBS strategies and activities for Year 1 (NHBS among persons who inject drugs, NHBS-PWID).


  • Project Coordinator
  • Field Supervisor
  • Field staff (part-time) with sufficient level of effort for the following activities:
    • Conduct formative assessment including key informant interviews, community key informant interviews, focus groups, etc.
    • Conduct a minimum number of interviews to obtain completed surveys from 500 eligible persons who inject drugs (i.e. interviewers)
    • Phlebotomist or other HIV counseling and testing staff (part-time)
    • Coupon manager (part-time)
  • Data manager (part-time) to perform NHBS data management duties
  • Epidemiologist (part-time) to perform NHBS data analysis and dissemination duties


  • In-State:
    • Sufficient mileage/public transportation costs for field staff
  • Out-of-State:
    • 2 key personnel to attend annual Principal Investigators Meeting (including directly funded health department PI)
    • 2 key field staff to attend annual Field Operations Training (including Field Supervisor)
    • 1 key field staff to attend Data Management Training


  • Rapid HIV test kits
  • Rapid HIV test controls
  • Supplemental HIV tests for local laboratory testing, if applicable
  • Supplies for venipuncture or dried blood specimen collection for supplemental local laboratory HIV testing, if applicable, and additional CDC laboratory testing as indicated
  • Office supplies
  • Laptops or tablets to administer the NHBS questionnaire in QDS 5.0
  • Software to administer the questionnaire in QDS 5.0. Note that new portable computers will also require the installation of QDS 5.0 software.
  • Laptop or tablet to operate Coupon Manager program
  • Encryption software


  • Mobile unit rental or field site location rental
  • Mobile unit costs (if applicable): gas, parking, maintenance, insurance, etc.
  • Survey incentives (for example, $25*550 or sufficient number to reach 500 eligible persons who inject drugs)
  • HIV counseling and testing incentives (for example, $25*550 or sufficient number to reach 500 eligible persons who inject drugs)
  • Recruiter incentives (for example, $10*550 participants)
  • Community key informant interviews and focus groups incentives (for example, $25 each)
  • Shipping for blood specimens to local laboratory for supplemental HIV testing, if applicable
  • Shipping for remnant sera/plasma or dried blood specimens to CDC or participating laboratory for additional testing
  • Telephone
  • Printing
  • Staff identification