Frequently Asked Questions


Contents for the Work Plan (25 pages) are listed on pages 32-33 of the FOA. Among the items that applicants are asked to include in the work plan is “i. Budget and budget narrative for the first year of the project period.” Is this an error? The budget and budget narrative are required to be uploaded separately from the Work Plan (page 33).
The budget and budget narrative page count is Not included as a part of the work plan (25 pages) and should be uploaded separately from the work plan.

Should applicants include headers and responses for “Inclusion,” “Relationship with the Target Audience” and “/Staffing Plans” as Project Narrative outline headers?
Applicants are not required to include headers and responses for “inclusion”, “Relationship with the Target Audience”, and “Staffing Plans”; but for clarity purposes it is suggested that the applicant include as many headers to allow reviewer to find information quickly.

Our agency was not able to be a part of this call, is there any possibility that we could get information regarding this PS14-1405 funding?
Yes, Please visit the PS14-1405 website. All updates will be posted on this website. For an up-to-date copy of the FOA, please visit: grants.govExternal.

Is it still possible to submit a letter of intent?
Yes, but remember that Letters of Intent are not required. You can still submit an application even when you did not submit a Letter of Intent.

On page 41 of the FOA, it lists AR-32: Executive Order 131410: Promoting Quality and Efficient Health Care in Federal Government – but on the additional requirements list on the CDC website, it lists AR 32 – FY 2012 Enacted General Provisions. Are these different AR’s? If so, which one do we need to address? If we need to address AR-32: Executive Order 131410: Promoting Quality and Efficient Health Care in Federal Government, where can I find additional information that goes into detail about this AR?
Recipients awarded a grant, cooperative agreement, or contract from such funds with a value of $25,000 or more shall produce reports on a semi-annual basis with a reporting cycle of January 1 – June 30 and July 1 – December 31; and email such reports (in 508 compliant format) to the CDC website (template and point of contact to be provided after award) no later than 20 calendar days after the end of each reporting period (i.e. July 20 and January 20, respectively). Recipient reports shall reference the notice of award number and title of the grant or cooperative agreement, and include a summary of the activities undertaken and identify any sub-grants or sub-contracts awarded (including the purpose of the award and the identity of the sub-recipient).

Would this not be considered a Capacity Building Assistance (CBA) FOA?
No. Capacity building assistance is provided through the CBB FOA. Even though this FOA includes the provision of some kind of TA there are other additional activities required by the FOA that are not related to or constitute as CBA.

Are ASO qualified to provide this training?
If the ASO meets the eligibility requirements set forth in the FOA. Eligibility Information is found on pages 23-24 in the FOA.

In regards to the recommended 5% of the budget dedicated to evaluation, if an applicant proposes an evaluation plan which includes a combination of an outside consultant and some staff time to comprise the total evaluation plan should the staffs’ fringe and indirect count towards the total 5% of the budgeted?
This is recommended, not required. If you have an evaluation unit in your organization, there is no need to hire an outside consultant. If there is a combination of staff and consultant time, including staff in the 5% will depend on the amount of time dedicated to this effort.

On the pre-application call on November 21, Ms. Edwards mentioned an application cover letter. There isn’t mention of a cover letter in the FOA. Is this required? If so, is not subject to the page limit (i.e. not included in the 18 page limit of the narrative)?
The Cover letter is not an eligibility requirement but it is strongly recommended to be included. The cover letter does not count as part of the 18 page limit of the narrative.

On page 41 of the FOA – where it says AR’s applicable to ATSDR Awards, is this award an ATSDR award? If not, do we still need to list it under our AR responses doc and list that it does not apply to us?
This is Not an ATSDR award.