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HAI and Antibiotic Use Prevalence Survey

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Although strong progress has been made in recent years in the areas of healthcare-associated infection tracking and research, gaps still exist in our knowledge about these life-threatening medical events. In order to develop more advanced strategies to prevent HAIs and preserve antibiotic treatment options, it is essential to answer critical questions about the burden of HAIs and patterns of antibiotic use and resistance in U.S. hospitals.

The HAI and Antimicrobial Use Prevalence Survey will:

  • Make improved estimates of the burden of HAIs in the United States
  • Discover which pathogens are causing infections, and how many are resistant to antibiotics
  • Identify antibiotic use patterns that may be contributing to resistance

This EIP prevalence survey, CDC’s largest in more than 30 years, will complement NHSN data by addressing all HAIs — including those that are not linked to a medical device or procedure — in all types of hospital patients. Information from this project will inform national policies and recommendations that target HAI prevention and antibiotic preservation.

Data will be available in 2014.

Technical information about the study can be found at Technical Information — HAI and Antibiotic Use Prevalence Survey .

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